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I just now noticed Google search got Wubba Lubba Dub Dub correct.

While writing back one of my friends in the States, I got to thinking: Are pen pals still a thing? I remember in elementary school I had one. But in this day and age I doubt people are as receptive about sharing addresses, especially with strangers over the internet.

Wow I was thinking about the name of a federated blog site that would work similarly to RSS, which is Really Simple Syndication. I thought of naming it FSS, for Federated Simple Syndication. But then I decided it wasn't Simple since it was using ActivityPub. Federated ActivityPub Syndication. But then I saw the acronym and nearly literally lol'd. I guess that wouldn't be a great choice for a serious piece of software, huh.

$ cat fed_test.go | grep TODO | wc -l
$ 66

Only 66 more unit tests to go! It will capture the bulk of the server-to-server and client-to-server behavior. This is in addition to the 150+ tests for the ActivityStream unit tests. Then another round of development is needed for a couple more key things. I expect v0.1.0 to need a lot of feedback. I'm personally excited to write AP aware apps.


the latest album Palo by legendary Finnish band Kalmah. Some amazing melodic death metal.

Here have a tiny metal hand: \m/



What properties do you find in a software library that makes it high quality?

I knew that the pirate band Alestorm was a troll-y partying bunch of guys. But I didn't realize they wrote Rumpelkombo, a 7-second song, to troll the band Grave Digger. Chris Boltendahl of Grave Digger hated Alestorm's drunken partying and called them 'rumpelkombo'. In turn, Alestorm credited Chris with the lyrics to a song of the same name. So now Grave Digger continuously gets a few cents worth of royalties from Alestorm every month. That is hilarious!


Have a good night, whenever that may be.

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is an amazing game. Mystery, survival, open world exploration. You must conquer your own fears to survive against nature. In my mind it is a masterpiece. I am slightly biased as well for having the developers tie in the lore to the same lore as the Natural Selection series. When I last played during early access, it was not apparent it was set in the same universe. The ending gave me chills.

Tick season in Zurich is in full swing. :(

From. year ago:

"I suspect thousands of other Tooters (blech!) will soon do the same and Mastodon will lay down beside all other other fossilized social media platforms and fade from existence."

Ha. Try millions. Too bad Lance Ulanoff didn't put a concrete time on his prediction. But it is safe to say it is past "soon".


My wife and I sent a card to our Swiss neighbors (family of four) for Easter. We won big friendship points. But still have a long slow road ahead of us. We knew making Swiss friends as adults and as Ausländer not being able to speak Deutsch nor Züridütsch was going to be tough.

Mini TODO list for my library (next on my plate are 97 unit tests):
- 7.1.2 Forwarding from Inbox
- 7.1.3 Shared Inbox Delivery
- Handy http.HandlerFunc utilities
- Deletions of "Update" messages via JSON explicit 'null' (not looking forward to this one)
- Server-to-Server ownership verification
- Cryptographic signing, public keys, & validation of federated messages (spoof prevention)
- Lots and lots of places where IRIs need to be expanded (yay more http requests)

My favorite bug:
for i := 1; i < 3; i++ {
go func() {

I have my work cut out for me: "Outline 109 tests to write"

If only "cat fed_test.go | grep TODO | wc -l" had lied to make me feel better.


An uplifting song suggestion: Rainmen by Atoma.


From their album Skylight, it's the rebirth part of an atmospheric album about humanity's self destruction and revitalization. I discovered them while working as the director at my uni's radio station. While not really metal, they were previously Slumber which was a doom metal band. Unfortunately, they have been disbanded since 2013 due to the waves of anti-immigration sentiment in Europe.

I don't know why I get stupidly nostalgic for late 90's electronica. I guess I just love the idea of a group of strangers dancing together (not necessarily intimate dancing), being a part of something bigger, and general positivity was the name of the game.

And I guess I hate that I grew up in the next decade where hip-hop/rap, grinding, devaluing education, and treating women like trash was cool.

And that the next decade trance was finally mainstream, but by then it was about the DJ.