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@nightpool I appreciate you taking the time for the clarifications! Don't hesitate to give me more direct feedback in the future.

Who else is excited for C++ allowing the dot operator to be overloaded? Think of all the obfuscation opportunities!

Those times the weight of the world is on my shoulders and its hard to be positive, I just throw on some heavy Devy:

"I won't hold back anything
And I don't care if you won't hear
Cause all I want is to be true
And say to all that I love you tonight"

Lifts my spirits right on up!


Yay statistics:
Coworker: "Why is metric_x high?"
Me: "Interesting..."
Me: *Mathematics Intensifies*
Me: "Here's why"
Coworker: "But this doesn't tell me how to lower metric_x!"
Me: "...well that requires an entirely different kind of analysis."

Radioactive decay is the natural process by which a an unstable nucleus undergoes a decay event at a random point in time, producing energetic child particles. It is impossible to predict when a single stable atom will decay. The original unstable atom may or may not be man-made; unstable atoms are found in nature. For example, isotopes of potassium undergo radioactive decay. People are slightly radioactive because of this. Zombies were people; thus all zombies are really Radioactive Zombies!

@rhiaro Heads up I'm that guy filing issues in the and repos. I am bad at writing so I am sorry if any of them come across as terse/nitpicky.

Glad to see you on Mastodon.

I wonder what the most common headers are flying around everywhere.

Alright. I've tentatively decided on the with Copyright Transfer Agreements from contributors.

All 11 pages of my raw notes are in this Google doc (comments welcome):

I now own the copyright for my and library in . Employer has relinquished all claims.

Time to build a simple site for the library. I think the key things are:
1) Landing page. Very simple and straightforward for "dive right in"
2) Guide page. Basics about how to use the library
3) About page; semi-serious page about myself and maybe my doggo

Anything else I am forgetting? I guess a hip logo?

As promised, blog post with pictures about the time spent in Lucerne and Rigi.

(There's some improvements I need to make on the site for mobile phones)


The more I try to implement this permissive spec in the more I hate my life. vocab was difficult enough.

It permits so much that I don't think the authors thought everything through. There's so many opportunities for semantic-incongruities and ways for federations to not federate correctly

Also, if anyone ever says to use -ld, tell them instead to go use and move on with their life. JSON-LD just adds a layer of spec; it doesn't solve anything.

Luzern was cloudy this morning. However, Rigi was clear and had beautiful views of the Alps this evening. I'll hopefully share some of those pictures tomorrow via my blog, exhausted at the moment. i.write.codethat.sucks/media/Z

mutable const Person me;

Ich lerne deutsch, aber ich verstehe keinen schweizerdeutsch.

Emails come and go
The train outside rumbles by
Inside no chairs move

I have a question for others with experience.

I am looking to release the source code for an library, to strategically bring Go into territory. I'd like to imagine my ambitions don't stop there.

Would it be better to release under the copyright of my employer, who is one of the top supporters of open source and may be able to provide additional resources, or work with them so I can own the copyright wholly without any additional support from them?

My favorite album of 2017 is carrying me well into 2018: . I know Jake (singer) personally from uni days, great guy.

Lyrical Themes: Vikings, occult, death.

Simple Genre: Pagan folk metal.

Genre snobbery (from a fellow fan): North Carolinian progressive pagan melodic folk-death metal.

Chris Bowes from Alestorm (based in neighboring Tennessee) is featured on one of the tracks.

Personal favorite off this album is "Death", close second is "Tarot" itself.


Anyone have experience with constraint ? The basic graph theory seems nice enough, but doesn't seem to suffice when trying to specify constrains over a continuous time and/or space domains. Open to more resources: books, blogs, etc.

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What is your favorite music album to code to? I find myself in need of more variety.

In return I'll name a food the album reminds me of, once I have the chance to listen!