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Kaylee @kaylee@i.write.codethat.sucks

Ordered some ear plugs, hopefully it helps with the trouble I've been having with loud noises recently. Train wheels grinding on the underground almost had me in tears yesterday


Gah, today was amazing. Got to kiss 3 cuties in one day!! God I love being poly

Buenos días! ¿Cómo estás?

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There we go. The avatar/header rebuild finally completed without crashing this time. The instance should be sane again.

biggggggg mirrrorrrrrrrrrrr

birl is an interesting word.

I am aware that codethat.sucks's images are messed up, investigating now!

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Why, yes, I _did_ accidentally break the entire instance for a few hours. Why do you ask?

It's back, now. I don't anticipate doing anything like that again any time in the next .... ever. >_<

This just in, I'm super gay.

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@kaylee_ad 👀 I wonder what this could be

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And generally way nicer

Interesting, it seems like randos talk to me a lot more when I present feminine 🤔 wonder why?

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