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i like how easy it is to make friends on masto like i can just. yell into the void and the void yells back abt how valid i am

You all should follow @ajroach42. I'm constantly wanting to link to entire threads he writes. So just follow him directly instead of waiting for me to play the middleman.

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The effect this had on the average grades in the class was so pronounced that my teacher asked me what I had done.

I brought him the same books, and he looked shocked.

You know that slightly wistful, vaguely watery look people get in their eyes when something they care about is done really well, but in a way that makes a lot of effort they expend useless?

It was that. He started hunting down vintage copies online, and incorporating them in to his lectures.

We just need to add little wing to the one on the top left and horn to the top right and the federated timeline would take a whole new meaning

concept: bullet journals, but start with two dots (for eyes)

:) if task is done

:( if task is pushed to the next day

:V if task is delegated

What will replace Facebook? I dunno. What replaced polio?


In addition to producing an awesome looking doily, the pattern is well written and has photograph step-outs for most of the rounds. Again, this is a big doily (about 55 cm) and I wish I had a little round table to put it on. Next project on the hook, the mini-version in wine red. #crochet

I also really dislike that we have code separate from ticket tracking. If GH or GL or whatever eats itself, I'll have the code locally, sure. But I've lost all history of the tickets that were filed, any responses, the conversations around the merge requests, and why decisions were made. Email is perfect for this but that ship has kinda sailed, been hunted down by submarines, and sunk without the location being recorded.

Following on from that, a common use case is "I want to review the code you sent me, comment on it, and merge it". The git idiom is to get a patch in email, apply it to a local branch, and then respond in email. It's difficult to comment on specific lines of the patch because all email clients suck and screw up the formatting. GH and GL solve for this use case with a central website and lots of UI.

@amphetamine please read my whitepaper on adversarial idiom design and implementation

Small Instances: might want pleroma -- it's got lower resource usage, so, savings.

Large Instances: probably mastodon -- it has better admin tools rn, which are likely to come up

Expanding Instances: umm.. I guess you intend to be large,, so mastodon,?, why are you asking this seperately..?

Galaxy Instances: wait what what does that even mean what's going on here

Meditating Universe Instances: I THOUGHT THIS WAS SOFTWARE RECS

All of that to say:

Whoever you are, you should probably write more if you feel like it. Don't worry about "not being unique" or that you're "just copying something better". Write *especially* if you feel an outsider, intimidated by better writers, "not really plugged into the loop".

Your set of influences and interests is probably weird and varied enough that whatever comes out will be strange and new and uncopyable - even more so if you felt distant and on the fringe in some way.

the definition of insanity is pretending you can do the same thing twice

In case you didn't know this, sex work isn't my only income, and you can hire me for:

- Code Reviews
- Software Architecture Design
- Training (GraphQL, React, Redux)
- Interviewing candidates
- Reviewing/writing job descriptions

I'm also looking for a few clients who'd like to retain my services on an on going basis.

#tech #techprincess #work

when they told you that computers are really dumb, because they only do exactly what you tell them to do, that was a lie

a lie of omission.

they do what you tell them to do, while also doing what a million other people over the past 40 years told them to do to

sometimes, those commands interfere with, or contradict each other

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